Market Investigation Plans (MIP)
MIP - Bulgaria
MIP - Czech Republic
MIP - Hungary
MIP - Romania
MIP - Poland



Drives module, PDF (182 KB)
Fan systems module, PDF (192 KB)
Compressed air systems module, PDF (195 KB)
Management policies, PDF (159 KB)
Partner guidelines, PDF (195 KB)
Pumping module, PDF (166 KB)
Endorses guidelines, PDF (195 KB)
Electrical distribution module, PDF (225 KB)
Refrigeration Systems Module, PDF (202 KB)

Newsletters, brochures, articles
4EM-MCP project launch, PDF (562 KB)
The European Challenge Programme - synopsis, PDF (20 KB)
Motor Challenge programme - brochure, PDF (512 KB)
Technical guide - english version, PDF (2 159 KB)
Technical guide - bulgarian version, PDF (512 KB)
Press comunication - english version, PDF (562 KB)
Press comunication - bulgarian version, PDF (172 KB)
The European Energy Saving Program "Motor Challenge", PDF (231 KB)

The unused savings possibilities (abstract), PDF (49 KB)

The unused savings possibilities, PDF (110 KB) image22
Energy efficiency measures in electric motor systems, PDF (61 KB) image22

The Motor Challenge Programe in few words, PDF (847 KB)
Center for Promotion of Clean and Efficient, PDF (508 KB)
Polish Energy Efficient Motor Programme, PDF (658 KB)
4EM-MCP - Kick Off meeting Introduction, PDF (322 KB)
DEXA-MCP project status, PDF (543KB)
4EM-MCP Potential new partners, PDF (494 KB)
Market Investigation Plan: Bulgaria, PDF (197 KB)
Market Investigation Plan Romania activities report, PDF (653 KB)
WP1 General Report on Project, PDF (317 KB)
Hungarian Market Investigation Plan, PDF (262 KB)
WP6 Exploitation Activities report, PDF (1 147 KB)
12 June 2007, Varna, Bulgaria  
Possibilities for funding of EE investment projects, PDF (3,1 MB)
Investigation of the market of energy efficiency drivin motor systems in Bulgaria, PDF (1,1 MB)
The state role for increasing of EE in Bulgaria, PDF (2,3 MB)
European programme for energy saving "Motor Challenge" - I, PDF (574 KB)
Assessment of the potencial for economy and рeturn of the incestments, PDF (203 KB)
European programme for energy saving "Motor Challenge" - II, PDF (480 KB)
28 November 2008, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria  
Agenda, PDF (52 KB)
List of participants, PDF (45 KB)
4EM - MCP: background, objectives, tools, PDF (1 МB)
Energy efficiency electric motors market in Bulgaria, PDF (660 KB)
Energy scan of electric motors in industrial sites, PDF (781 KB)
Assessments of the potential savings and payback period, PDF (235 KB)
Computer model for preliminary assessments of energy efficiency of the electric driven systems, ZIP (21,2 MB)
Partners and Endorsers under the 4EM-MCP, PDF (436 KB)

Summary Report of
“Onsite Interventions carried out in “partner country”, PDF (417 KB)

Deliverable 13: "Energy Audits", PDF (2055 KB)
"Market Investigation Plan" - Bulgaria, PDF (302 KB)
Target groups, PDF (44 KB)
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